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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks doing today? thank you all for coming. how is everybody? yes, ma'am, how you doing today? hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and like always, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from laconia, new hampshire, it's the frates family. [cheers and applause] and straight out of dallas, texas, where i got a place, it's the jackson family. let's get it on. give me amelia, give me jay. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] all right, guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something an old stripper might give to a young stripper. jay? >> advice. steve: advice. [scattered applause] >> whoo! steve: pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. tosha, how you doing? >> i'm doing great, steve. how are you? steve: good, good, good. name something an old stripper might give to a young
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! steve: folks, how are you folks doing? welcome to the show. o'neals...[indistinct] good. how's everybody doing tonight? how are you all doing? welcome to the show, everybody. welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey, and we've got a good one for you today. returning for the fourth day with a total $21,410, straight out of louisville, kentucky is the o'neal family. [cheering] and from pittsburgh, pa, home of the steel curtain is the heibert family. [cheering] let's get it on. give me angel. give me shay. let's go. [cheering] ladies, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something you might do at a party that would guarantee you won't be invited back. shay. >> fight. steve: fight. angel. >> get drunk. steve: get drunk. pass or play? >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering] monique, how are you doing today? >> i'm great. steve: well, your family got to the fast money round twice. they didn't make it. they put you in there the third time, you an
landscaping jobs he noticed morgan the boss' wife flirting with a 21-year-old employee, shamed steve chapelle. >> morgan looked at me, steve knows what color underwear i have on. >> pink with black stripes. right off the bat. >> reporter: when al had a question about an assignment. i would call morgan. steve is there. steve is answering her phone. >> reporter: why was this kid who mowed lawns barely old enough to buy a beer, acting like the new man in charge. kevin's sister michelle remembered him as a quiet, young guy, who had done work on her yard weeks earlier. >> this kid steve could not have been more polite to us. >> reporter: sto what would kevn think, of his employee spending the workday at the pool with his wife and kids as michelle observed when she took a drive by. >> i drove by her development. she was sitting at the pool and the kids, with steve. >> reporter: you saw her and thought what? >> i thought morgan was having an affair. >> reporter: it was no secret morgan had straped before. could kevin have suspected morgan was at it again. and was that the final straw that drove him
. aaron hernandez accused of destroying evidence in a murder case. details ahead. >>steve: does the n.s.a.'s spying go deeper than we think? another whistle-blower saying it keeps records on everybody, including government officials, and could they possibly use it for blackmail? has this agency risen above the law? we're going to talk about what we know this morning and it's all new. >>brian: the winner of game 7 is? >> basketball title for the heat, the 2013 championship resides once again in miami. >>brian: as i predicted, the heat -- >>steve: you said it was going to be the spurs! >>brian: game 8 will be all spurs. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: it is take your dog to work today and today is also our all-american concert series. today kit -- kip moore. from a small town in georgia. he is fantastic, burning up the charts. he will be here as well as a pack of dogs. >>brian: how do you know that? >>steve: it is take your dog to work day. >>alisyn: what is this, brian? >>brian: the family dog by the name of duke. usually he watches at home. >>alisyn: behind the sofa you c
? is that over the top or is it totally normal? the science is in. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: the rooster is crowing. 6:00 a.m. new york city. good morning. anna. look, it's tucker carlson. thanks for being here. >> it's time to give it up. >>steve: for the next three hours we're anna's book ends. >>anna: we're going to get to your headlines on this wednesday morning. we start with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping high drama in texas after a 13 hour filibuster the senate passed legislation to stop abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. democrats claim some of the republicans came after the midnight deadline. the lieutenant governor looking into it and did in fact discover several votes were cast after that deadline. the bill now dead. governor rick perry could ask for another session. >> also happening, 20 tourists are drifting on a chunk of ice in the canadian arctic. among them two americans. right now helicopters are on the way but it will be hours before they'll reach them. the group was on an expedition when the ice broke free and drifted some two miles out.
hernandez charged with murder in the death of his friend. >>steve: another i.r.s. official stonewalling the american people by taking the fifth in front of congress. he's also got a $500 million reason perhaps for staying silent. wait till you hear this. >> does this look like a weapon of mass destruction to you? it's a push to ban sparklers from your 4th of july -- no more sparklers on the 4th of july because terrorists might use them. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: forget about the mission impossible movie. i remember the actual tv show. >> i'm an old soul. i do know that show but didn't grow up with it. >>alisyn: how come you're the odd man out. >> how does it feel to be outnumbered? >>steve: gretchen and brian are off. >>alisyn: while you have you wee sleeping an f-16 went down during routine training in arizona. the student pilot and his instructor on board managed to eject. this photo shows the men walking away from the scene minutes after the crash. no word on why the jet went down but witnesses say they heard the engine sputtering before the crash. >>> airlin
. >> now that our secrets are out, does the government have to stop? >>steve: we're going to talk about that. it appears the white house has not been honest about the i.r.s. scandal. shocking. what a supervisor in washington -- not cincinnati -- just admitted to. >>brian: then miss utah did not win miss u.s.a. pageant. maybe this answer had something to do with it. >> i think especially the men are seen as the leaders, so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >>brian: miss south carolina called and said that didn't make any sense. "fox & friends" starts, i believe, now. ♪ ♪ >>brian: i feel bad for her. you're on stage. the world is watching. our world is watching. >> how would you like to be on national television and screw up your words. >>brian: that never happens to me. megyn, are you yelling at me? >> yes. i am. why am i here? where's gretchen. >>steve: are you a little cranky because you are going to have a baby any minute? >> it could happen. i hope you brushed up on your e.m.t. skills. you guys got the hot wa
. >>steve: the n.s.a. leaker still apparently in russia so what now? what the white house is doing behind the scenes to try to get him back on u.s. soil. >> why america may have lost its international credibility. >>brian: the lawyer of the nfl player in the middle of a murder investigation breaks his silence as the troubles for his client keep piling up. >> he shot my client in the hand and in the face. the bullet went into his face, shattered several facial bones and blasted his right eyeball right out of his head. >> new details on accusations aaron hernandez left another man for dead just a few months ago. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: live from studio e on this already hot tuesday. look who's here. >> thank you. i notice yesterday you had carol alt and i thought today you would be downsizing. she's so tall and beautiful. >>steve: you sent me an e-mail, can you get a phone book. do we have a large phone book for her? >> i'm almost 6'1". i was looking up. >> if greg was here, he would be this tall and it would even out. >>steve: greg, come over and join the show. >
and more. the white house says it is the right thing to do. it's patriotic. what do you think? >>steve: don't worry. the guy in charge of our national secrets and national intelligence says they aren't coming for you. but he hasn't always been on top of everything. remember this. >> how serious is it? any of the things they have seen were coming here. dr. clapper? >>steve: is james clapper a master spy or simply clueless? >>brian: he's all over the map on this one too. his school banned prayer so this valedictorian threw out the script and shocked an entire community by doing this -- >> why don't we stand while i say our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come -- [applause] >>brian: he's here live this hour. "fox & friends," according to my report, starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ waited so long ♪ i've got two ♪ tickets to ♪ paradise >>steve: why is our camera covered by a blue tarp? it is raining out there but neither rain, sleet, snow nor dark of night will keep eddie among from singing on that stage today. it is part of our summer concert series here on the fox news
the united states might make things worse. we'll have the very latest for you. >>steve: meanwhile the n.s.a. leaker gone dark. nobody knows exactly where he is but we do know where he might go. now russia says they might welcome him with open arms. >>brian: good luck. have fun over there. he slapped his lawyer on the butt and the judge sent him to jail. but now florida's attorney general says i agree with brian kilmeade, not exactly that but chad johnson didn't get a fair trial. i'm here to wet your appetite. i'm a cold open. put something on. "fox & friends" starts tphoufplt -- starts now. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: hadn't heard that development. was that after you and i got into it on your radio show? >>brian: yes. i believe she monitors. i believe we're being surveiled. >>steve: a slap on the butt, is that worth 30 extra days. >>brian: that is the way some people celebrate. >>gretchen: i'm going to stick to my story which is he deserved it. he deserved it for disrespecting the junell. more about that story in a minute but first today's headlines. let's take you live to turkey. police spent
is becoming the largest investigation in sports history. >>steve: conservatives targeted by the i.r.s. finally getting their say before the people and the congress. >> we are patriotic americans. we peacefully assemble. we petition our government. we exercise the right to free speech. and we don't understand why the government tried to stop us. >>steve: more on what these everyday americans had to say about being singled out by the i.r.s. >>brian: a teen who could have lost his cool during a performance of the national anthem. instead being hailed as a brave young patriot. down goes the cymbal. up goes the salute. we'll give you that story and talk to him at the top of the hour. "fox & friends" starts tphoufplt -- "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: we don't know what happened when he dropped the cymbal? >>brian: right. some do who watched the show yesterday and took the after-the-show-show quiz. >>steve: two million people who downloaded this particular application on youtube. two million know plus our vast viewing audience which is about 28 million. >>brian: and we're about to meet the k
program. the politicians warn people be careful what you might wish for. >>steve: the president finally speaking out for the first time on the n.s.a. spying scandal and not happy with the criticism that's been directed his way. >> some people say, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. >>steve: he says he's no dick cheney. his program is much better than dick cheney's program. really? we're going to report and you will decide. >> talk about a cold war. were the two leaders thinking in this awkward meeting this morning? we're going to let you decide. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning. brian is at one of his child's graduations so we have eric boling here. >> thanks to be here. beautiful dress. >> thank you. you have some fancy hair going. >> what are you trying to say? bigger this morn little bigger. steve, you've got fancy hair too. >>steve: i would think it's pretty slicked down where i put the brill cream. >>gretchen: let us know what you think about our hair and otherwise. got to get headlines for you. >> overnight bomb attack in
business. everybody assumes. it's a stereotype. >>steve: shocking the murder myy rocking a new england patriot football team. was the star player with the victim the night he was killed? >>brian: gas prices are up from a year ago. but don't think about canceling that summer road trip. we've got new details and tips you need to get away with something at the pump. something legal. "fox & friends" starts. ♪ ♪ >> don't be sarcastic. isn't that what you said one time? try to remember the times that were good. >> i did? >> yeah. >>steve: that from the very last episode of "the sopranos" after a long and successful run on hbo. at 51 james gandolfini passed away. >>brian: unbelievable. i did not know he was only 51 years old. >>steve: i didn't know that either. i just saw him across the streetwalking down 48th street not too long ago. he looked fine. the death in eut had -- the death in italy has shocked everybody. anna kooiman joins us with a look at a tv icon. >> james gandolfini was on vacation in italy with his sister and 13-year-old son when things took a tragic turn. the family spen
. the very latest details this morning. >>steve: in other news, america's most wanted man resurfaces and is still in hong kong at a secret location. this morning edward snowden revealing even more bombshell secrets. >>brian: look who's driving. at least she wants to. they won't give anna kooiman the keys to that monster truck. can she get them by the end of the hour or will steve have to pick her up by the end of this again? "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>steve: tomorrow -- friday -- is the birthday of the u.s. army. 238 years ago the u.s. army was started and look who would have got out front. we've got a patriotic five and drum. >>brian: we're going to have general odierno shortly and a lot of men and women to celebrate the army. i think the army's had a heck of a run and i imagine it's going to continue. >>steve: are you saying the fife and drum guys are general ray's backup band? >>brian: possibly. you know what was a good move? not bringing the band to the battle field back in the day. let's play music and kill each other. now we just kill each other. >>gretchen:
over 100 people into the water below. >>steve: he's the head of the f.b.i. investigating the i.r.s. scandal. why doesn't he seem to know anything? >> how many agent investigators do you have assigned to the case? >> i have to get back to you. >> can you tell me who the lead investigator is? >> off the top of my head, no. >> the most important issue in front of the country and you don't know who is heading up the case. >>steve: is he clueless or is it a strategy of ignorance? we're going to report and you will decide about the f.b.i. >>brian: saying sorry is the hardest part, at least for our nation's politicians. they just got a lesson in apologies. they were given a class on how to apologize and the details are even better. i'm sorry for anything i do in the future. did i do wrong? "fox & friends" starts now; i know that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: if you're singing along, why not? it's foreigner. can you believe they're going to be here today? it is an exciting day at "fox & friends." and it looks like the rain has maybe stopped for the moment. people can come out here and n
being targeted? name one. >> he says baloney. more of the faceoff coming up. >>steve: bill clinton raised eyebrows when he came in at the 11th inning to save mr. obama's reelection. now we know why. a secret deal was hatched so that mr. clinton would help mr. obama. what will mr. obama do to the clinton family? we get details straight ahead. >>brian: last we saw ali camerota she was with the band. that was her dream to play the cow bell. here this morning -- she supposed to be here. >>steve: where is she? >>brian: she is not here. what happened? that story we have -- >>steve: took off with the band. hello? >>brian: "fox & friends" starts. ♪ ♪ >> we have to be honest here. anchoring the 5 a.m. show, and they're saying ainsley we need you to stick around and get downstairs to studio b because aly overslept this morning. [snoring sound] >> we sent cameras to her bedroom. that's aly. >>steve: have you seen maria molina yet? >> she's here. >>steve: what's behind the curtain? hold on. >> did they find her? aly moved to connecticut recently, like a year ago or something. this morning
's call list reveals. >>steve: meanwhile the i.r.s. chief sticking to his story: we didn't do anything wrong. unfortunately for danny werfel pictured right there, the facts show something very different. how does he explain that? very uncomfortably. >> he could be the nfl's very first serial killer. aaron hernandez now eyed in two more murders. the developing details in that story coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: live from new york, it's the doobie brothers. they are fantastic. i was out side listening. they are sensational. >>alisyn: it is quite the setup outside. our stage is huge. all the musicians are there. the crowd is big. if you're in midtown manhattan come on down. we'll be outside talking to the doobies. >>steve: if you want to hear them live, you've got to stick around. >>tucker: it is reverberating through midtown manhattan this morning. >>steve: come down to 8th and 6th avenue. a busy and fun day ahead. >>alisyn: let's get to headlines. a developing story. early this morning italian police arrested two other men in the high-profile money launde
of americans and forcing your phone company not to tell you about it. >>steve: who in the i.r.s. gave the orders to target americans? we now know the first name in washington, d.c. has surfaced and we're going to tell you who it is. >>brian: just the first name? you mean first and last name? michael jackson's daughter still alive this morning after a gruesome attempt to kill herself. what happened and how paris jackson is doing this morning after calling a suicide hot line. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning everybody. hope you're going to have a great thursday. let's get to that fox news alert. michael jackson's teen daughter paris alive recovering in the hospital after a possible suicide attempt. >> good morning. this is a serious suicide attempt and not just a cry for help. paris jackson, the daughter of the late pop star michael jackson, is recovering in the hospital this morning after trying to take her own life. listen. >> overdose. >> tmz is reporting the teenager called a suicide hot line and then left a note behind before overdosing on motrin p
the question, again -- >> yes or no? >> more of the fallout ahead. >>steve: is his last name werfel or waffle? he admitted to killing soldiers while screaming allah akbar. not only is he still making a six-figure behind bars, now he's getting his own office and a big staff. we'll tell you why straight ahead. >> the bomb building and terror training may hurt a resume but terrorists can now breathe easy thanks to a class at gitmo. how to write a resume. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>brian: is this turks and caicos? >>anna: feels like it. >>steve: this is manhattan. you've got people dancing and some people half naked. it is caribbean day on "fox & friends." we're going to have the very latest caribbean food and caribbean drinks and caribbean dancing and what not. >>brian: finally somebody else here with abs like mine. there you go. >>steve: are you talking about chris tulo or the guy on tv? we've got anna in today, our globetrotter. >>anna: good morning. i'm doing fantastic. just got back from texas doing the soviet son -- doing the stet son cowboy hats. we need to get to your headlines
's going and if he can be stopped. >>steve: the journalist who leaked the snowden story goes off on an nbc reporter. >> i think it's pretty extraordinary that anyone who would call themselves a journalist would publicly talk about whether or not other journalists should be charged. >>brian: men are boycotting marriage, fatherhood and the american dream. why? ladies, they say it's your fault. "fox & friends" starts. ♪ ♪ >>steve: take a look here in the center square today. it's model, actress, author and friend of this program the great carol alt. >> and soon to be fox news person. we start a show. >>steve: just around the corner. and the show is going to be? >> saturday afternoons. we start in july. i'm so excited to be here with you guys. my colleagues. >>brian: great to see you at the christmas party. >> we'll be at the water cooler together. >>steve: talking about traffic. >>brian: what else do people talk about in? >>steve: she likes to talk about food. >> food, health, the latest gadgets. >>brian: you came on a busy day. this week is so intense with this guy on route to hong kong,
. now that guy edward snowden is on the run. should he be charged as a criminal? >>steve: the obama administration is scrapping age restreugss on birth -- age restrictions on birth control. why the white house says it's okay for women and girls of any age to buy the morning-after pill. straight ahead. >>brian: tim tebow gets another shot at an nfl team. what team is taking a chance on tebow? "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: it's good that tim tebow has got a job. he didn't do anything last year. >>gretchen: brian wanted him to go to the canadian league for the last month, where a lot of quarterbacks have gone and then come back and had successful careers in the nfl. >>brian: not the canadian lingerie league. that would be bad. but i would just think, the big question is where and where do you tackle? here's the thing with tim tebow. last year he didn't get a chance to play. it's his third year in the league, it didn't happen. the jets destroyed his career. they made him unhirable except for bill bell a check? >>gretchen: was it bill or his old quarterback? that might be th
with terrorists in the first place? >>steve: a murder mystery hits the new england patriots. a star player under investigation after a body is found near his house. we have a live report straight ahead. >>brian: they make for some of the funniest videos on the internet but do you know how to use pepper spray the right way. we're learning. steve has volunteered to take it straight in the face. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: brian kilmeade comes back graduation of a daughter from school. >>brian: kirsten is now officially going into seventh grade. everything went well. she has three more days to pretend to go to school. why do you have graduation and three more days to sit there and have ice cream. >>steve: i would look for them to watch at least one harry potter movie, maybe little mermaid and inconvenient truth. >>brian: what about old yeller, something inspirational? >>gretchen: my kids have been out of school for like three years. since may 31. i don't know what the school system is doing. >>brian: they probably go back in august; right? >>gretchen: no. they'll probably go back aft
on fox. let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes, ricking unger, richard karl guard, elizabeth mcdonald and john tandy. steve, first, is this the solution everybody's been looking for? >> absolutely. getting free markets in health care is the only way to go, doing away with the disconnect between providers and consumers we don't have free markets today. if we did, you'd get productivity, turn very expensive procedures today into more common place things tomorrow. so this is it a good start. it can start with simple routine things an go right up to the most sophisticated surgery. when patients are in charge, it's their money, by golly you get real bargains, including lasik surgery costs less today than it did ten years ago. why? because there's not that disconnect between providers and consumers. >> it's not just the patients. when patients and doctors together go around looking for bargains, that's what brings down the prices, rick unger. i'm looking at some of his menu here, if you will, of what he offers, an office visit is 75 bucks, including a diabetes follow-up if you need on
decide. >>steve: meanwhile, this respected doctor accused of poisoning her lover's coffee with antifreeze. no, it isn't a movie plot. it's real and can be deadly. details ahead. >>brian: a pint-sized surprise with a major voice. ♪ oer the ramparts ♪ we watched ♪ were so gallantly ♪ streaming >>brian: live up to that, lebron. no one could put on a better show than that. her performance of our national anthem will blow you away. you got a sample. you'll get more because "fox & friends" on a monday starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: welcome to the show on this monday. 6:01 in new york city. when was the last time there was a case where there was a national -- some sort of -- where people are running around going who did it and a guy says you're looking for me. i'm edwin snowden. i spilled the beans. i tried to spill it to "the washington post" but instead "the guardian" got the goods. >>gretchen: he planned this thing. he left his hawaii home with his girlfriend and that job, about three weeks ago went to hong kong. knew he would be somebody the world would be wanting to find relativ
major of you have it right? hi, everybody, i'm david asman. welcome. let's go in focus with steve forbes, elizabe mcdonald, rich carl, rick unger and morgan brennan. good to see you all. ste, first to you. should we really trust these guys with our health records? >> of course not, david. their new name is now the internal revenge service. they've fundamentally own the trf the american people. and if a 29-year-old can blow the lid off of our most secret intelgence secrets, why in the world would we trust the irs? i don't know why there's a debate on this, david. >> morgan, most americans, 76% don't trust the irs to enforce obamacare. e they right or wrwrong? >> i understandwhy they don't ust the irs. i have my issues with the irs. but looking athat obamacare essentially boilsownto, which is a massive tax package according to the supreme court last year who else will enforce it? we're talking 47 tax code-related provisions and 17 tax increases. this falls to the irs. ihink the bigger issue isn't whether we should trust the irs. i think the bigger issue is the fact that we have murky, poor
with steve and rick and rich and elizabeth and sabrina and john. john, should customers like us be able to sue in >> yes, we should be. companies should not be helping the federal government to snoop on us. we have to ask ourselves how much liberty we are willing to give up in order to create the false illusion of security. to live in a fro society, risks are involved. the risks are worth to to have what we have. >> steve, if i am buying a service and i don't want them to share the service with the government should i be able to sue them if they do it against my will? >> companies for a impossible position. if they help out the government they are snooping on privacy. if they don't help out the government they are helping terrorist. the focus should be on the government and l abuses, don't bring in companies that are doing the best and caught in an impossible position. >> sabrina, the government made some of the companies their partners. >> we are taking a giant step to national socialism if our companies claim immuneitty. the government doesn't need to own the means of production for u
. [cheers and applause] >> that's what i'm talking about! >> whoo! >> steve wynn is the man with the midas touch who added glamour to the gambling industry. >> if you're gonna start a gambling joint, start a gambling joint. >> he transformed las vegas into an international tourist spot, but the odds haven't changed. >> the only way to win in a casino... >> is to own one. >> own one. >> unless you're very lucky. [stopwatch ticking] >> internet gaming is illegal in the united states and absolutely thriving. >> yes! >> right now, as you watch this story, 70,000 people are gambling on party poker, and that's just one site. >> there will be more online poker games per day at the end of this year than all of the casinos in the entire world put together. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm steve kroft. by some estimates, gambling in this country is a nearly $100-billion industry. it attracts everyone from flamboyant businessmen to nefarious conmen. while the odds are heavily stacked against them, for millions of americans, gambling remains enormously popular, even in these hard economic times.
and then steve scored against denver and 22 points a quarter against san antonio. i need to set the record straight i can't tell you oh, that occurring i didn't if i could pick anyone to marry my daughter. at the risk of breaking teenager hearts that job is taken. if i could join him in standing is his wife and daughter. for me, the entire season was really summed up when something i had never seen before took place at the last game our coach brought the warriors back out on the floor after a receiving loss and the reaction is the same it's clear this season wasn't the end of anything it was the start of something special. so thank you, mayor lee and board of supervisors we're the warriors; right? (clapping) >> you know joe and when the other guy bought the team i've been around sports and been privy to a lot of resources but when they hired rick we're so lucky to have you on board (clapping) however, he whispered to me we now have to wear mayors jackets so we need to know your taylor. jim barnett would rock that. who knows what base bordering is? demonstration real quick. ready one, 2, 3.
. >>> they are asking to do the right thing and hand over steve snowden the request for steve snowden's extradition is ungrounded and unacceptable. right now he is believed to be in moscow ann's arrived there sunday. he damaged the relationship with the u.s. by allowing him to leave the country. >>> and his call to police can be introduced as evidence and in the death of trayvon martin, it entered its second day. >> he shot him not because he had to he shot him because he wanted to. >> the teenager was shot but it was the knock-knock joke that got the most attention. knock-knock, who is there, george zimmerman, george zimmerman who? all right, good, you are on the jury. >> it is real. >> he shot the 17-year-old after he was attacked. he followed him and they have issued subpoenas related to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya where the officials were taking too long four americans and chris stevens died in the attack last month and they have criticized this as being politically motivated. >>> there were concerns of a deadly airborne virus. they found african-american filipino and medic
does he be a role model on the court but off the court. steve's participation and involvement as a natural spokesperson for thanks usa helps to insure that men and women who serve in our armed services have up to the present time for education. i am remind that the warriors have a whole history and culture of excellency thank you. thank you for being here (clapping) thank you now ever since we have had steve he's led the team to the biggest success. now for the three-quarters in the single season and in hopes that his impressive skills on and off the court will continue to come. tights my honor to give him the key to the player. he's the number one in the hearts of everyone steve. the key to the city. (clapping) >> this is truly an honor to be here in front of you from the front office of the owners to the coaching staff and mark jackson can't be understated how much of an impact he's had on our team and might have and all the teammates you didn't see the other players making plays and others making plays. the practices that we went through and making each other better from
for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve? an umbrella this morning. >> up in santa rosa they said where is the rain and you can see there is a lot of cloud cover and we'll see 60s and 70s for temperatures and tomorrow night it will be looking better for the north bay, here is soul. >> it is dry as you mentioned and the good news it will be dry at least for most and it comes to the toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. >>> live in petaluma, we will find out how this rain sets a record, good morning alex. >> yes this unusual storm system could dump quite a bit of rain around the bay areas soon as it's all said and done. which the weather was horrible and this june storm could bring a quarter of an inch to a half snatch in some spots. it is end tirely impossible with january being one of the wettest and if anybody gets over a quarter of an inch that would set a record for this date. it caused a lot of flight delay maybe it was aggravated for those who settled. >> flights have been canceled from 1:45 to 3:10 and then they canceled that one. >> the duty
. >> edward snowed den is on the -- steve snowden is on the run and reportedly this is him in moscow with steve snowden on board. >> journalists say he is not on the plane and some are very angry the. puntin almost seems upset. >> they get julie asylum. george zimmerman is accused of killing trayvon martin while on patrol in february 20th 1, george zimmerman says it was in self-defense but they say it may be a case of racial profiling as the african- american was not armed. >>> the winner of this year's boston marathon has given his metal to the city. >> he wanted to show his solidarity with bombings killing three -- killing three people injuring 200 others, after yesterday's 5k. >> this is in honor of those who suffered and died on that day... >> boston's mayor accepted the honor for that day and thanked them for their generosity. >>> breast cancer research has wrapped up. participants have walked over three days to raise money for suzanne g comb the for the tour and includedelling san francisco they met three major goals. >> why am i doing this, i left there a different person >> d
that's one reason, certainly. >> steve beckner, mr. chairman. a number of your colleagues expect the unemployment rate to get down to 6.5% next year, which is your threshold for considering raising the funds rate. and yet the fmoc said it expects to keep the rates accommodative after asset purchases and after the recovery has strengthened, and yet, here we are the middle of 2013, you have not even begun to scale back asset purchases. i mean, you partially addressed this. but could there be a conflict between on the one hand the asset purchase program, on the other hand the funds rate guidance policy? could they conflict? could you perhaps elaborate -- >> well, i certainly hope the unemployment rate comes down so fast that this becomes a problem. i guess i would point out a couple of things. one is that, of course, you know, there's a range of estimates, and they're all based on each individual's idea of optimal policy. so the policy assumptions may not be the same. so it's true that some are as low as 6.5. as i said in my earlier answer, that's a threshold, not a trigger. so evid
have the worst day of the year and the walls, exclusive the man that co-founded apple with steve jobs, his interview tonight on a segway, a machine that nearly killed me once. we'll get around to talking about why. i want him to talk about the new upcoming jobs movie. >> nobody wants to buy a computer, nobody. >> how did somebody know what they want if they have never even seen it? >> also, government snooping taking us back to the days of the cold war soviet union. >> i want to begin on the tragic death of james gandolfini yesterday. we're learning more about the moments of his family found him in his hotel room last night. dan is live in rome with more. dan, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, we've been piecing together the tragic final minutes of james gandolfini's life. we know that he arrived at the hospital at 10:40 p.m. having been rushed in found collapsed in his hotel room in a five-star hotel here in central rome. we know he was traveling with his 13-year-old son. there are some reports suggesting it was the son that found him collapsed in the room alerted hotel staff. w
in the basement with our first soap box and it would be like "steve, how do those wheels go on?" because he's never dean musical. i've never done a musical. the only one that had any sense in their head was burnett. >> i always try to make singers sing very conversationly if i can. i love sinatra, i love listening to sinatra sing "in the wee small hours." you feel like the guy is just singing and telling it to you. >> in all honesty, i think these are the best songs that john has ever written and one of the truisms about theater is if you can send the audience out humming songs, you have a hit on your hand. with this one you have to pick which one you want to hum because they're all pretty tasty. >> rose: we conclude with joss whee don, he made "the avengers" and his next film is about shakespeare called "much ado about nothing." >> this text is populist and fun and funny and dramatic but shakespeare does what he wants and takes things in a very weird direction and you have to give it up and say okay, i'm going with him because he's shakespeare. and shakespeare is so rich that bringing your
to a good start on this friday. 4:37 let's go to steve. >> sounding much better today. >>> just very shallow fog. it will only make an impact close to the bay. highs 90s to 100s. just make sure you drink lots of water. don't forget the pets as well. 60s and 70s at this hour. you know darn well they will be out of the gate and getting hot pretty quick. a little built of that monsoon watch. keep an eye on the sky. thunderstorms could be popping up. for everyone else sunshine and warm to hot conditions. depending on where you are. by the coast it will be 60s and 70s and 80s. around the bay 80s. inland near 100s. this low all eventually work its way toward us but i don't think it will be until next week. sunshine, warmer temps. fog near the coast it will be hot inland. not much of a breeze. although yesterday there was pretty much a good breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. temperatures warm up through the interior. if you are far enough east, or south, it will be hot. cool to nice to mild depending on where you are. this is clear lake, vacaville, antioch, brentville. the bay just kind of stays
cuts to get our economy booming again. i am dave asbin. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll have steve fosh and rick and elizabeth and mike and bill baldwin. >> tax rate cuts are always a good idea. reduce the price, risk taking and success and this is the way to get the economy moving and does good things for the balance sheet. when people see prospects for growth they upthe value of assets. >> rick, this is the weakest recovery that we've had since world war ii. 2.3 million fewer people are working now than the recession. please don't blame it all on bush? >> i had forgotten about him. i have a vague memory. i would love to agree with steve. i don't like to pay taxes anymore than the next person does. there was a in- depth study by the congressional research that was skwalch by the republicans who ordered it and that survey shed that over the 40 years cutting taxes. >> oh, no, it doesn't. >> yes, it does. >> you will get an argument. >> we have our study and you have yours. >> it was the national research service. >> john, the growth was estimated 2.4 percent and the latest figure 1.8 per
and statistician nate silver at the new school in new york. , apple cofounder steve wozniak at the university of california berkeley. later, new york stock exchange atduncan near our -- colgate university. dick costolo give this year's commencement address. before his career, he was a stand up comedian that worked in improv theater. this is just over 15 minutes. [applause] >> i love you, too. you know i have to start by tweeting this. give me a second. i'm a professional. this only take a second. [laughter] all right. i want to start by thanking the school's president and the students and faculty and the board of regents who sit behind me and quietly judge us all. i would also like to thank my mother and father who are here today. and i would like all of you to remember at the end of the day to take a moment to thank your parents or whoever it was that help you get where you are today. they have sacrificed greatly for you and we will be out of here by 3:30 p.m., i promise. [laughter] when i woke up this morning and started writing my speech -- [laughter] i was thinking of my first month on c
'm jana katsuyama in for pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. steve, is it going to be getting any colder? >> cooler for about two days and then we will warm it up again. a little roller coaster on those temps jana and brian. you can see the fog is enhancing along the coast. 50s to near 90 though. big swings. so here is sal. >>> steve, right now san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks pretty good getting up to the 80 split with no major problems as you drive through san francisco city streets. and breaking news in the city a large tree has fallen over and is now blocking traffic. around 4:00 this morning officials responded to a down tree. three lanes going westbound are blocked by the tree. so far there is no word as to when the lanes will reopen. you'll have to use an alternate route in this area. the westbound traffic may also be effected because people will be slowing down to take a look at this. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> we are following other breaking news in oakland where police are searching for suspects in a triple shooting at a club. tara moriarty
and traffic with the two people that are here. steve and sal. >> that is correct. we have a bigger fog bank out there. temperatures will cool down again. parts of lake county and mendocino county. it's a tall, tall order this time of year to cool down. unless there is a huge fog bank. well, there is a big one but it will be cooler. here is sal. >>> steve, right now on bay bridge metering lights have just gone on. you can see the toll plaza is getting filled in. it's backed up for a five to ten minute delay. nothing major but it certainly has changed. the other big traffic story we are following crossing the richmond,-san rafael bridge. two westbound bridge lanes have been shifted to the eastbound side and the speed limit near the construction zone has been reduced to 45 miles an hour. coming up at 6:30 we'll go back live to the bridge to talk about average delays drivers could expect and for how long. >>> now we go to san francisco. a tree is causing a big mess in a san francisco neighborhood. ktvu janine de la vega just arrived to tell us about the cleanup and how it could impact the commu
today. 60s and 70s or upper 70s. very low 80s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. this is a look at highway 4 westbound. they are clearing an accident on highway 4 at hill crest it's on the shoulder. also the traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 24 as you make your way to the caldecott tunnel. it's 5:00. let's go back to the desk. >>> new this morning the investigation in berkeley goes on into an early morning house fire. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live from outside that house and you've been talking to one of the fire victims. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. it wasn't a smoke detector but an airline ticket that possibly saved ada clark's life. she was going to get up at midnight to go online. when she got up she smelled smoke and called 911. they believe this fire started in the basement and quickly spread into the attic. 18 firefighters responded to the home scene had flames under control in under 20 minutes. clark says she initially called 911 after smelling the smoke. when she turned on the lights in her living room she smelled the smoke and call
take the rest of the morning off. >> okay, thank you steve. >>> a couple of the upper 50s, napa san francisco 59 and it is still not as warm as yesterday. warmer weather is on the way and this is a huge difference between the defendant and -- coast and bay and hot inland, 60s and 70s around the bay. some areas i have looked at stay upper #0 -- 70s. here we go, 60s 70s 80s and 90s anesthesia are just a little bit above as we go well into the extended outlook. it will be hot inland and the coast looks like it is going to join in on this big warmup, pam. >>> 4:38 they are hoping to keep the team in oakland and the tribune hopes they will review a settlement that frees 50 acres of waterfront property. oakland city leaders, businesses and city groups are building a walter park that could rival and they still want to relocate to the south bay hoping that the terminal is too costly. an unusual am creature is on the loose and they are trying to capture a wayward marm mut. they are trying to trap the animal and return it to its natural habitat. there is some photo and there is another one fo
. >> rose: oh, my god. (laughter) >> so that's the story i sold steve. >> rose: made you light up, didn't it? >> that's like pap pap hitting a fastball. (laughter) >> right down the middle. >> that's it. >> rose: when did you go from knowing this story to something that started churning around in your mind. >> it wasn't my idea. at the time people were talking about doing a musical with all my old songs, with the hits i had and i wasn't interested in doing it and i was talking to an agent and this story i just happened to tell him as -- i said you can't believe what happened! i bought this place and i was telling him about it and he said "that would make a great story." and i said "yeah, if you could get steve king to write it." he said "i'm steve king's agent." so he called steve and he was interested enough to take a look and i flew down to florida and -- >> rose: there you go. so your reaction was "let's do it"? or did they say something to you that said "oh, yeah"? >> well, you know what? the guy that we're talking about the agent called me up and said "john mellencamp has an idea for a
. -- joining us. today on c-span, steve milloy, talks about the conservative view of environmentalism. followed by remarks from charles. later some of the commencement speeches from around the country. >> now steve milloy talks about the sustainability movement and his own career working in the energy department. he is also the author of several books. he spoke at the 25th anniversary of the national association of scholars and is introduced by the group's president. >> it is my pleasure to introduce our luncheon speaker, steve milloy. he is a prolific author on such things as health care scams, epa cleanup standards, the nuclear power industry. he is a biostatistician, with degrees from johns hopkins, also an attorney with degrees from georgetown and the university of baltimore. he has concurrent positions at the competitive enterprise institute, the center for security policy, and the american tradition institute. he has appeared in "the wall street journal" and is a commentator on fox news. he is the author of five books, including his most recent, "green hell." as the many writers present h
that might move with the fed statement today. long that. >> steve weiss? >> mtg, a great story. >> that does it for us. more "fast" at 5:00. "power" starts right now. >>> "halftime" is over and "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. >>> scotty, thank you very much. we are all over the fed today, but also on our agenda, some very big stories, including this one, a big announcement from the american medical association. they are now classifying obesity as a disease. what will the impact be on insurers, on businesses, on the pharmaceutical industry? a lot of details ahead on that one, and the hollywood mogul jeffrey cankatzenberg, he's on big show today, and we'll get his take on topics far beyond hollywood, everything from the fiscal policy of the u.s. and the federal reserve and more. dude, where does your car rank? yes, sir, those j.d. power rankings are out with a brand new list, and we have it. first, let's go down to sue at the nyse. one hour before the fed's big decision. sue? >> that's right, and that's all they are talking about right now. right now the d
is not a bad commute. and in san jose northbound 280 looks good. now let's go to steve. >>> thank you. a very good morning. a little breezy for some. sfo west at 23. system up in the organize coast. as it ejects out it will give us patchy low clouds and a little breezy at times but temperatures will bump up slightly. 50s. i did see a couple low 40s. everybody is close here. you can get a good look at it. as it moves in it will allow weak high pressure. a cool system. a slight warming trend. more so today. we'll take it into friday and we start the top out then. and then a cooling trend kicks in. sunny and breezy and westerly wind for most. 60s and 70s and very, very low 80s. temperatures rebounding. yesterday was the coolest day of the week so far. i think today will be near average to slightly below scene above. >>> 4:37. a father's day fishing trip ended with a trip to the emergency room after a 13-year- old boy was stabbed in the neck by a cat fish. >>> starbucks is counting calories. when you can find out how much your morning pick me up will effect your waistline. >>> northbound 101 san
:38 let's check in with steve. >>> thank you very much. and we do have mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog san mateo coast. some of it moving into the bay. oakland there is a little bit of it there. we get a little cool for some. high pressure building in for another day and a half. everything says rain on monday. the warmer weather will kick in today and saturday. then we will see changes. expect for that patchy fog. 60s and 70s and 80s. as we head into sunday and monday clouds increase turning cooler on sunday. rain and i mean decent rain. unless everything continues to march in as advertised we could get a quarter of an inch to heavier amounts to the north. getting rain in june is not too unusual. we didn't get rain in january, february, or march so we will get it in june. sunny and warmer after patchy fog. yesterday that wind cranked up. there is somewhat of a breeze. temperatures pushing upper 80s. napa and santa rosa mid 80s. morgan hill to gilroy but a lot of upper 70s. it will be warm friday into saturday. especially away from the coast and increasing clouds sunday. rain lik
weather and traffic. we are going to steve first. we don't need a jacket or sweater. >> parts of the coast. but inland no. there will be a big difference in some of the temps. some of that fog can be down right cold. there is a little bit but inland fetches it won't matter. 90s and 100s. here is sal. >>> steve, northbound 101 that doesn't look bad driving up to the santa clara valley. also the morning commute looks good on westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are beginning with developing news. bart unions issued an official warning to bay area commuters. they may go on strike monday morning. a walk out that will shut down the entire transit system. we have live team coverage. katie utehs is covering how commuters are getting ready for a possible strike. we will start with ktvu tara moriarty. tell us more about this 72 hour strike notice. >> reporter: this is really going to be a nail biter for commuters. basically they will be waking up monday morning and learning for the first time whether or not they will be able to take bart. at 10:00 this mo
in just two hours. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, steve is right here. >> i think there will be some breaks to the south, it's very muggy and humid and it looks like that cloud ban is listing northward, maybe we have a few upper 70s, here is sal. >>> it is a little bit damp on the roads and i tell you because of that'll we might have a tricky commute this morning. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 280, here dave and pam. >>> we are in the bay view district where three people have been shot in an apparent home invasion. two people were inside that home when this happened as well, alex? >> yes, burt the good news is according to police neither of those kids were hurt during all of this. >> it appears -- >> reporter: it appears to have been a random invasion with three people shot. now this is on elmira street and the home is up at the very end of this deadend street on the right-hand side. they are now collecting evidence inside this place. when police arrived they found one man and two women had been shot. the motive is stil
flores in for dave clark today. let's start off with weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. i guess we are enjoying the cooler temperatures now. >> it's going to warm up. it depends on how much. there is not a consensus on that. there is a lot of fog and west winds. very similar to what we had yesterday which means 50s and 10:s coast and bay -- and 60s coast and bay. here is sal. >>> traffic is moving pretty well on the san mateo bridge. no major problems there. also the morning commute looks good if you're driving on the golden gate. now back to the desk. >>> topping our news right thousand. recovery crews in the east bay are drudging up a car wanted in a hit and run in san francisco. ktvu tara moriarty has been following this story. this salvage operation in the berkeley estuary since 4:30. >> reporter: the alameda county dive team came out here and they helped run a cable from the tow truck to the car in the estuary. they just pulled it out of the water there. we took a look at the back of the car. it's a range rover. it has no license plates and it does appear to be a newer car.
suspicion courtesy of the fed. there is one catch though. neither sac nor its head, steve cohen have been actually charged with anything criminal. if customers pull their cas, sac could be forced out of business based on suspicion alone. our own charlie gasparino is one of wall street's most knowledgeable oervers. hears been following the sac he has written a new book, circle of friend and about crackdowns and insider trading networks. he we have fox news judge andrew napolitano. senior judicial analyst. i want to start with you. >> how do you like the hairlines? melissa: fantastic. fantastic. you have breaking news on this? what is going on with redemptions. >> as we were talking, over the last couple days on your earlier show that there was a chance of them going to a family office, what they're saying right now, they just give back the customer money, they manage their ownmoney. steve cohen's own fortu. they say that will not happen, no plans to do that right now but they're leaving open to door to doing it in the futur they will renot release the redemption notices or redemption talli
is off today. let's start with steve, it is chilly this morning but it is going to warm up after today. >> yes, brian and pam, there is a big fog bank, so it will be cooling down lots of low clouds and even some thunderstorm activity south of tahoe, here is sal. >>> tunnel is moving along nicely and let's go back to the desk. >>> they are investigating a crash that knocked out oakland and pg&e is still working to restore power to 20 people this morning. a driver was shot before 11:30 in brookfield village. he ran into a power pole which then hit a tree and live wires fell from above and a witness who did not want to be identified describe is the shooting. >> one gunshot and then rapid fire and then a big boom, sounded like an explosion and then the lights went out. >> the driver died of gunshot wounds and the passenger was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. they expect to have power fully restored by 11:00. >>> and the fbi reports 11 of the bays 15 largest cities reported higher crimes in 2012. prop tip crimes are also up 26% and in san jose they are up 29- point 5% and san fra
am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, steve, is the coast clear? >> no, there is a lot of fog over there, dave and pam and so much fog we had some drizzle but the beat goes on and coast and bay don't change much on the temperatures and we get back to mid-to-upper 80s. >>> good morning, it looks good heading out of pleasanton and fremont and san jose and today we are looking at the san jose bridge and it looks good out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. >>> president barack obama is heading back to the bay area, janine will attend the first of two fund racers -- fundraisers and what else is here? >> well, you can see here, this is where he is supposed to arrive and this is the home of mike mccan you and you can see they have it be mike mccue and president barack obama will be here and there is lots of parking signs and no parking signs and barricades stacked along the road in preparation for his visit. president barack obama is scheduled to arrive at moffett field in air force one at 6:00 6:00 and he will be takingen to speak and -- taken to speak and a second time in port
, steve is right there, are you ready for summer? >> it says rain. >> next week. we have a cool down. >> temperatures will start off mainly 40s and 50s but a few patches of fog, 60s, 70s and 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and also it looks good getting up to the tunnel. >>> 5:00 happening today, we will have new details about the new district plan to fight crime. joining us live in oakland with an exclusive look at how they will be tart getting -- targeting robberies. tara? >> reporter: they have never used it before to crack down on robberies. >> we are going further down, further down... >> this mobile command has a mobile camera and it is not only a visual deterrent but it can monitor activity within a four block radius and since then it has increased and they have snatched these i phones and i pads. >> more importantly it brings the police station out to the community. we can do anything that can be done in a police dispatch and the unit is part of the crime fighting strategy and that will allow commanders to focus on issues and offic
and stephen hayes from theweekly standard." thks so both of you for joining us. steve, i want t start with you because google is trying to get out there in front of this story. they have put out a public letter to general general asking if theydattorneyeneral eric holder to publish the transparencyeport wch is supposed to show how many times they refused the government whe the government asked to see the users data. is that compelling or convincing? will it do anything? >> it could google is showing the sco of their involvement in this. by accounts we hea frome lawys ad pple ie ske to, unow,merins wil kely be surisedhat t is notroad. t th is theas tt ogleants t ma a wts toakeliy ritnow use there is sense, there is peeption, i think i it's a misperception that you basical to the the government tacked into theervers ofou know, google and all these other tech companies when that is not i fact what was happeng. melia: let's ask sammy. is that the case? are th tap understood the servers? do they know exactly what's going on? because steve doesn't think so bui believe that the government is really t
) >> steve. as we wrap this up i found out that steve is not the only one to set records i heard we have another player who set the record for frequent flier. no players come close to you guys you guys are absolutely the best. so that as we leave let's rock city hall with let's go warriors. ready 1, 2, 3 let's go warriors. and we'll see you all back here next year test, test, test, test, test, test, test, test okay i'd like to call this meeting to order. hello. good afternoon, everyone thank you so much for coming to disaster council but i did want to welcome a few new members we have today. so we have jean who's the gov. of the area red cross. welcome. we have mark who's our brand new city c i o (clapping) >> bob ceo of the chamber of commerce replacing steve not here yet and barbara smith interim for housing authority and bryan. sf card who's here >> mr. mayor would you like to give some remarks. >> good afternoon, everyone last me we marked the 107 everyone turned out well, but we had to move our event. we're all using this celebration to remember ourselves how important it is to b
into the headwinds of 18 that stalled out and a new buyer came in and steve fox who had been a joy and pleasure to work that on that he decided he wanted to reinvent himself after being in publishing business 35 years. and he was in whole magazine he decided he wants to do his real passion which is be a greens keeper for a golf course and his other passion was san francisco. he was on 24th street with his children in san francisco district schools. he wants to have a minnesota golf course in san francisco. so if you approve this today you'll be approving something that doesn't exist currently in san francisco. he loves his neighborhood and his love of this fuel box off the building from the 20 century you'll see it will be kept as historically accurate but at any time the historic pieces will be equateed. >> good afternoon, commissioners steve fox i'm the still said the chief greens keeper. the first time i saw van ness it was the perfect place for san francisco golf course. it had this wonderful architect and all located in the mission which is the most vibrant part of the city. this is wonde
? that is next, with eugene roberts and steve schmidt. nobody insures more bikes than progressive. do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. aarrggh! >>> for people who are concerned about border security, once they see what is in this bill, it is almost overkill. >> that was tennessee republican senator bob corker today, who along with senator john hoven proposed a border security amendment to the gang of 8's amendment bill. this amendment could seal the bill on the amendment by getting the key votes of swing is senators. specifically, the hover-corker amendment could determine whether any green cards are issued, they would involve high tech surveillance to border patrol. 20,000 border patrol agents would be added, doubling the current number, 7,000 more fences would be built and the everify system and the electronic
abbott and my good friend steve forbe, forbes media chairman and editor in chief will be co-hosting with me on set for the full hour. mr. fox, i'll go to you. have you seen any discernible slowdown yet because of the job in interest rates in you're in one of the hottest areas of this recovery. >> so far we have not seen a falloff in sales. sales have been robust and the economy is gaining moment up as we go on. however, we do think it's very fragile and we in the car business are subject to an interest rate increase. >> you're selling over 15 million at an annual rate nationwide. that's a pretty hefty number and it's a great jump over last year and the year before. can you hazard a guess for me. what interest rate level would it take for you to see a slowdown or a slump in these big car sales? >> well, i think it's gradual, and certainly the consumers in my area are more interest rate sensitive because our economy is more fragile. we haven't made the recovery post the great recession that other areas have. we're consistently gaining, but we're very interest rate sensitive. s
nichols and our own rick santelli. steve, tremendous volatility last week. what's going on right now? what's the message of the market, do you think? >> well, we bounced right off the 50-day moving average in the s&p cash. we've done that a couple of other times. each time we've done that, the mark has increased in value by 7% to 9%. if we were to do that again, you're looking at 1,750 in the cash. is that going to happen? for me, i don't think that's going to happen. i think we'll see a retracement back down to that 50-day moving average, maybe a sell-off. a lazy monday. i wouldn't read too much into this. i do see lower prices before we lift. >> lower prices before we lift, john, though, i want to ask you, you say now might be time to move into the cyclical names like industrials, like i.t., if the market is expecting pullbacks, is now the right time to get into some of the names? >> absolutely. you have to give away a little bit. sometimes the market goes down a little bit, but it doesn't go down a lot. it's like keeping a beachwater under water. it's buoyant. >> you say for those who t
-- in pockets from the capital expressway all the way up to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. well, a rather strong and very deep fog bank here today is moving locally inland. it will be the coolest day by car. decency reads, delta had gusts to 30 miles an hour. you can see the low cloud deck. there's a little coastal eddy along with an upper level which has brought thunderstorms up in the peninsula. the main emphasis, will be a cool pattern. napa, 80. we'll go 74 today. livermore from 83 to 76. san jose from 77 to 73 degrees. got a hot weekend -- had a hot weekend last weekend and another one this weekend. about two days and then out of the picture. temperatures started to drop sunday coast and bay. and they will continue that today. there's some areas inland that don't cool down in this pattern but many will. the low cloud deck will burn off sooner. the breeze has been out of the west for many. south wind santa rosa, that's a cooler direction this time of year. novato west, napa west, fairfield, 25 gusts to 30. concord, oakland west. you get the idea. this is a westerly win
. also we are looking at the livermore valley 580 westbound that traffic looks good. steve, one of our tweeters evelyn pointed out that bar toe la only served 50 day suspension. they are on it this morning. >> yes, she is a loyal watcher. >> if he was in trouble he would owe another 50 days. thank you evelyn. [ laughter ] >>> thank you, sal. very close to what we had here. todd says what is this ground hog day? very similar pattern. although the barometer is up a little bit. not to get too technical on you. am i showing temps? i didn't mean to do that. 60s for some. 70s for others. 50s on the temps right now. 54 fairfield. 36 out west. that is a howling sea breeze. most locations in the 50s. it's the breeze that is the 24 right now. southwest concord west at ten. napa west. with this it's really hard to warm up. sfo west at 12 i just don't think there will be too much warming today. forecast models did. i split the difference and kept temperatures about the same. possibility of thunderstorms up there. reno looking warm to hot. again keep an eye on the sky if you're up there. some of th
and 101 to the valley it looks good. let's go to steve. >>> 30 up in the sierra although it looks to be squashed, mr. drizzle is there and high pressure is on the move and if 57 degrees and covers moffett. it will continue up in the sierra so if you are headed there it will still hug the coast. we will carry it into friday and saturday, 60s and 70s and 80s unless you are in vacaville and ukiah which is close to 100. fog, sun, big fog bank, a little breezy at times, 150s to, -- 50s to 80s and 78 in napa, san jose 75, gilroy 70s. pleasanton and livermore, sunday will be cooler for everybody and we have another cooling trend on monday. >>> coming up, a vallejo officer said he had no choice but to shoot and kill, new information about the weapon that was transformed to a again. >> good morning, san mateo traffic looks good getting out to the highway bridge straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you
's go to steve. >>> thick fog out there. there is the fog coast and bay. not going to see too much in warming. what we call a very shallow marine layer or thick fog is what i say. 50s on the temps. 51 santa rosa. 55 san jose. fairfield had a gust to 30 miles an hour. but 5-ten degrees warmer away from the coast today. some areas are already in on this warmup. ukiah was 101 yesterday. clearlake was 99. mild by the coast. getting warm to hotter inland. still concord and livermore looking at 90s. today we have the fog. after that sunshine and temperatures inland warming up. warm to hot inland. thick fog. cool by the coast. it will be a huge difference between some of the locations. 60s to almost 100. vacaville might touch 100. but it will be close. morgan hill 94. nothing we haven't seen before. 64 half-moon bay. and san jose 84 after yesterday's 81. warm to hot on saturday that will be the warmest day. closer to the bay and coast it will be in the 80s or 90s. a dramatic drop on sunday. around 15-20 degrees. >> thanks a lot. >>> time is 4:40. it's starting this weekend. the new effort
donald in for david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." go in fous with -- steve, what doou think? >> obviously, it politics. they went after the organizations to make sur they didn't rticipate in the 2012 elections. they went far beyond just doing routine audit. they did not target liberal groups. this is going to end up in washington, elizabeth and it will have a special prosecut and be as big as w watergate. it was bad stuff. not a handful of enemies but anyone put their head above the parapit. >> so there is politics in play? >> there may be but i take exception saying it will end up in w fashioned about this. i actually think there needs to bevidence before you can evict somebody. so far there is no evidence that even pu at a lower level of washingn. let alone the pele that y might want to seeet tagged with this. >> sabrina, today on -- yesterday, friday. there is a report out that actlly there is evidence that i.r. was dictating what was going on in cincinnati. reuters is rorting that. the two cincinnati workers saying that yes, the i.r.s. was telling them in d.c. what to do. what do you
. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us monday morning, june 24th, i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve. you are saying hold off. >> there is a little bit but tonight there is more and parts of the carlos pena and up towards point rays and inland areas, it is over and it is not generating much but some light rain along the coast, cloudy skies, light rain and we will have more looking better, here is sal. >> north and southbound 880 looks good as you are driving passed the coliseum. also it is getting more crowded, metering lights should be going on and let's go back to the desk. >>> the bay area could see some wet weather and channel 2 alex savage joins us to explain how this rain could even set a record. alex? >>> it is dry right now in downtown petaluma but the wet weather is coming and when it is all said and done this storm could lay down some rain including heap in the north bay. yesterday we had clouds and light drizzle but it was pretty ominous looking and we are expecting light rain and another round of showers later on today. this could be a record-setting storm by the time it'
and more is on the way and we have more with steve paul lent but first brian flores has more where flights are being impacted. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: good afternoon. right now although it is uneventful, it is important to check with airlines for updates and right now they are experiencing 30 to 60 minute delays and it is across the board according to airport officials. we did see delays in orange county and detroit and other areas but with respect to delays check about changes. people are trying to pass the time until their next flight including a father and daughter whose flight was supposed to leave at 10:00 p.m. last night from delta but because of the low-lying clouds, their flight will be canceled once again and they had to spend the night at the airport last night. >> it is frustrated. yes, it is a very frustrating airport, i have like it but it is frustrating at times. >> reporter: right now airport officials are preparing for unstable weather ahead and they must admit there will be some delays. >> delays will be 30 to 60 minutes long time throughout the night. >> report
's check weather right now, steve? >> there is rain in san francisco, areas south we can see it right there and that's giving us some steady rain and 60s and 70s on temperatures, very muggy, here is sal. >>> steve, i want to point out where this fatal crash is at stevenson boulevard, it happened a little more than an hour ago and traffic is really backed up heading south on interstate 880 and let's go live to janine de la vega, only one lane is getting by, correct? >> reporter: that's right, they opened one lane in the southbound lanes about 20 minutes ago when we were coming here and we just got here and we saw the car involved in the accident, a mazda tribute and we are just hearing there was an accident involved with a big- rig and traffic is very slow here. the sergeant joins me from the california highway patrol, what happened here? >> a big-rig was traveling southbound 880 in the slow lane and somebody came over from the right at a slower speed and the big-rig struck the mazda. the mazda sustained fatal injuries. >>> what is happening now and at one point all lanes were blocked
we look at the information that steve has just presented to us, i think we have to draw -- we have to look at whether our planing is sufficient to make that desire come to fruition. and at this stage i think we have to conclude its tase not. let me give you a couple of facts that come out of this, the 265 mgd, steve said stated correctly there is 184, which is our supply obligation to our wholesale customers and there is 81 which is the san francisco share of that. if you look only at the san francisco supply and demand comparison, we're actually in pretty decent shape. and we are continuing to invest in san francisco water supply, that is in excess of our projected needs. that is a fact and you can argue whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it certainly provides for economic growth in the future, but that is a fact. when you look at the wholesale customers' side of things the picture is not so rosy. the 265, which is our level of service goal, we can't deliver today. and if we do, everything that is on our planning roster, if we do everything, including the 9 mgd, for the
? >> yes. >> thank you very much. item no. 8, a joint report. >> did you want to start first or steve. >> public comment. >> yes. >> i would like to join you on congratulating julie on her award and very well-deserved and i agree if the bridge was in her hands we would all be better off. >> we'll pass it on to the governor. >> mr. ritchie, you will start? >> yes. steve ritchie earnings assistant general manager for water and bawsca on water supply on our system and if we could have the slides up, please? there we go. okay. first i want to review our water supply levels of service. these are obligations to our customers. on the goals and objectives front it's meet customer and water needs in non-drought and drought periods and there are various parts of that. meeting average demand of 265 million gallons per day from the sfpuc watersheds from non-drought water years and the second is meet delivery needs while limiting rationing to maximum of 20%, which translated to a significant number and most of the burden for that shortage under our current arrangement falls to the wholesale
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